QoW’s Warranty and After-Sale Promise

Thank you for choosing QoW.

Every item in our collection has been designed and handcrafted without compromise – an approach reflected in our Warranty and after-sale service so you can look forward to years of care-free ownership…

Looking After your QoW Case or Accessory

QoW cases and accessories do not require any on-going maintenance. To remove everyday dust and dirt use a soft cloth, barely dampened with water. NEVER use abrasive materials, cleaning products (even specialist ones) or other chemicals outside or inside. This holds for all leather, carbon fibre, aluminium, titanium and silver used in our Collection. All metals have been coated or treated to protect them from the elements – cleaning them in any other way may compromise this protection and spoil the metal itself. Please also note that although carbon fibre is immensely strong, it is not scratchproof and should therefore be treated with care.

The QoW Warranty

For three years from the date of purchase we will repair any items with imperfect or faulty workmanship and/or materials. If they cannot be repaired, they will be replaced.

For the Warranty to remain valid:

In the highly unlikely event you need to make a claim, contact us at warranty@qowltd.com describing the problem (attaching a photo will be a great help). We will respond within five working days explaining exactly how we will put matters right. In some cases this could entail returning the faulty goods to the retailer from whom you purchased the goods.

Naturally, your statutory rights afforded by the country in which the purchase was made are not affected.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident (please see below) or inappropriate use nor incidental or consequential damages. The latter includes the contents of any case or cover; the loss of use or time resulting from the fault and other similar costs.

Accidental Damage

If your QoW item has met with accidental damage and needs to be repaired at any time, please contact us at repairs@qowltd.com describing the damage and attaching a photo(s). We will send you a formal quotation for the repairs, including any collection/delivery costs. This can then be forward to your insurers if you are making a claim.

Wear and Tear

While the QoW Collection is built to last, wear and tear is inevitable. And just as any car needs to be serviced and valeted, so there may come a time when your QoW case or accessory would benefit from restoration. If so, please contact us at repairs@qowltd.com attaching a photo(s). We will then send you a detailed recommendation for renovating your case or accessory along with a quotation for carrying out the work.

Please Note: All major repairs and refurbishment are carried out by our craftsmen in Italy and any replacement parts will, of course, be sourced from our partner manufacturers.