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The QoW Collection is a synthesis – the finest traditional materials and craftsmanship wedded to cutting edge engineering and technology. So, on one side we have, for example, luxurious Foglizzo leather and on the other, carbon fibre...

Since Formula 1 first discovered how carbon fibre provides unparalleled lightness and strength, it has continued to develop its potential – as have many other designers and engineers including myself. From inception, carbon fibre has been one of QoW’s signature elements, chosen for both its function and its aesthetic form. There is no other material that performs to such a degree while offering such tactile beauty.

Here, though, we are focussing on function and on engineering and, in terms of QoW and carbon fibre, that means revisiting the creation of the world’s first carbon fibre telescopic arm found on both Charley (a triple extension) and Lungo (double extension)...

From the start, we were committed to avoiding the mass-produced push-button telescopic arms used on just about every trolley case you can buy. Manufactured to a price (and not to a standard) in cheap plastic and metal, these ubiquitous handles are unreliable and of a limited life – for a start, the plastic and springs simply wear out.

Our solution was a unique piece of engineering, crafted from double-skinned carbon fibre with internal jackets of self-lubricating nylon and so, just like a Formula 1 car’s gear box, it can’t jam, wear out or fail through stress. The individual extensions click into place via a bespoke piece of engineering featuring internal aluminium rods (for strength and direction) and integrated springs (for heavy use and long-life). Seven prototypes and nearly three years of development were required to perfect our handle.

One other major innovation found on both Charley and Lungo is their unique wheels - spokeless, floating and created from solid blocks of titanium and aluminium. Their design and construction allows them to run smoothly and silently, even on the roughest surfaces. The tyres - produced in Germany by a company with a long tradition in Formula 1 – and the internal their dust-proof ceramic bearings are also both bespoke to our designs.

Our telescopic handle and wheels demonstrate that innovation is at its most seductive when it adopts the aesthetics of simplicity – the puzzle of not knowing how something works just adds to the appreciation of what it does.

Of course, great design itself is, by definition, innovative. It may be something as seemingly incidental as the perfect ergonomics of how the Porta Computer’s handle sits in the hand or the seamless matching of our carbon fibre’s trademark dog-tooth pattern wherever panel meets panel. Our philosophy has always been based on an understanding that design and innovation must feed into each other.

Every element of every item in QoW’s Carbon Couture Collection, from the Borsellino Cellulare to Charley itself embodies innovation – and everything (with the exception of a few screws in Charley and Lungo) is bespoke.

QoW is unique.