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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF QOW AND OUR CARBON COUTURE COLLECTION The new, luxury range of Italian made travel cases and accessories - a unique, hand-crafted synthesis of silver, carbon fibre and the finest Italian leather…

Around three years ago, I embarked on The Carbon Couture Collection (then called, simply, Project Charley) with the single aim of creating the world’s finest range of luggage and accessories.

From the start, I have adopted a philosophy of ‘no compromise’ between function and aesthetics. Every item bearing the QoW name brings together, with impeccable style, beauty, strength and durability. I use only the finest materials, hand-made by Europe’s most skilled craftsmen and technicians.

At its heart, The QoW Carbon Couture Collection is a unique synthesis of Foglizzo leather and suede from Milan; carbon fibre from the world of Formula 1 and English hallmarked sterling silver, rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing – accompanied by, whenever performance demands it, titanium and aeronautical aluminium.

The range extends from the Charley Esecutivo (the world’s most technically advanced travel case) through to Lungo (equally advanced and stunningly original) and on to a range of accessories designed to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the most discerning.

And every item, we are proud to say, is Italian Made.

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Fernando Jordan
Fernando Jordan

This August (2014), we are proud to be launching our Carbon Couture Collection exclusively at Harrods in the Travel Goods & Luggage department on the second floor.

*Please note: All our leather comes from the finest cow hides and nothing we use is derived in any way from pigs.

For sales outside of the UK, please contact us direct at